Farrukhabad is Famous for Zardozi Embroidery, Bridal Lehenga Designer, Bollywood Lehenga Dresses

Farrukhabad is a one of the world’s most famous city of zardozi embroidery, zari and zardosi royal embroidery in India. Traditional zardozi fashion is famous for all variety of hand embroidery since the 12th century. It is a large manufacturing market field of zari embroidery. Any items and products of zardozi popular whether Bollywood and Hollywood or abroad everywhere across the world. Zardozi market of Farrukhabad is known as a no.1 market of zardozi production in Europe countries. 

Zari-Zardozi is an intricate fashion style of handwork embroidery famous in Iran, India and Pakistan, and also some other countries.

Zardozi Hand Embroidery – Farrukhabad, India

Zardozi Fashion is a zardozi embroidery artwork done by many craftsmen based in Farrukhabad. People learned this form of embroidery from his ancestors, who is a Padmashree recipient and which knows as ancient time embroidery work.

According to Wikipedia, zardozi embroidery is a largest manufacturer of bridal lehenga wholesale suppliers from Farrukhabad India which received its fame and prominence through Mughal patronage.

The zari-zardozi work clothes worn by the royal begums of the court were as valuable as they were excellent.

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Pure gold and silver metallic were prostrate into fine metal wire (threads) that used to embroider a decorative design & pattern on silk, velvet and satin. This would be notably heightened with the addition of valuable gems such as diamonds, small pieces of mirror stone, pearls, and emeralds, which would be embroidered into the fabric as part of the embroidery.

“Zardozi Embroidery is a pretty ancient time of craft and one of the classical designs of hand embroidery. Today, zardozi and zari is the role of high and luxurious fashion trend; you see this form of zardozi embroidery in European fashion shows. It’s exported to many places from Farrukhabad, India.

Zardozi has also included its material inside accessories like handbags, bangles, headpieces, even ladies shoes and hand clutch. Beside also included in home-based items used items like zardozi cushion covers, sofa covers, pillow and draperies.

But there is also a flip side.

“You have a many of folks trying to cross off machine done embroidery as handcrafted zardozi. I have noticed that happening a bunch, even in big boutiques and showrooms. I explore that trend quite difficult.”

Also Farrukhabad is known famous for Namkeen, potatoes, chewing Tobacco industry, sunflower cultivation. Beetle-nut (Supari) and various kind of products and things which make the finest quality of products with many varieties.

Farrukhabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Jaipur, Bareilly are the centres for original handcrafted zardozi. If asked which city is the most famous for Zardozi Embroidery they consider is the best, People says “Farrukhabad is the world’s popular and largest manufacturing city for Zardozi Royal Embroidery! We would say Farrukhabad place has its own designer style and use of unique techniques. In Farrukhabad the work is clean heavy and primary, in Delhi and Jaipur, the zardozi work tends to be more rich and heavy. (In Agra different techniques are used).”

Farrukhabad settled together zardozi collections for fashion shows worked at the Bollywood and Bollywood Celebrities in Indian and Asian Countries this year. He calls it ‘The Mughal Collection’. “I cheered plenty of classics, signature Mughal fashions style of clothes with this collection. Right from the selection of colours and design to the way the clothes were cut I aspired it to be excellent externally any modern dilution. People were surprised when the collection was showcased. They told me they had not seen work like this pattern.”

“The fact that Farrukhabad artisans use own skills to make zardozi embroidery interpret in a purposeful broadcast was both satisfying and challenging. An artisan embroidered figures appropriate to the theme on the neckline of clothes and even embroidered an umbrella with motifs that articulated of the theme.”

Zardozi Fashion started out in the year of 1962 in Farrukhabad. Today Farrukhabad has their own zardozi fashion workhouse where they have a team more than of 35000 embroiderers who work day and nights with them. Farrukhabad also has numbers of artisans who work on a freelance basis from their homes. They are passionate and upbeat when they talk about practice neophytes in the craft.

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