Dabka Work

What is Dabka Work ?

Dabka is a sliver type of thin and lightweight wire material used for hand embroidery on fabric and on many items which also knows as in several type metallic and silver colours. In the Dabka work also used for sewing with various kinds of materials like stone and thread on fabric.





Dabka Work Embroidery

Dabka work embroidery is a method that is used to design complex patterns including a coiled wire which resembles a flowering. This fragile tightly coiled of a definite metal wire is whatever is known as Dabka. After the wire is used in the ornament, it gives its name to the technique as well. Dabka fancywork is said to have started in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh and surrounding fields which now belong to overseas. The fancywork is made on the fabric once the printing on the cloth is whole. The dabka is tightly coiled, in a system that it is empty inside. To create the ornament, artisan fashion it in the essential size and sew it on the fabric.