Zardozi Embroidery | Karchobi Embroidery HandWork

Zardozi Embroidery also is known as the name of Karchobi embroidery (work done on the wood Adda) flourished in the court ateliers of the Rehmani of Farrukhabad in the Deccan and was most symbolic of the ostentatious including the robust display of wealth. It is a pattern of praise zari metallic gold and silver thread embroidery of yarn designed from needle and handwork by sewing flat stitches on cloth padding.

Karchobi Embroidery (Adda Work)

Karchobi embroidery is hand stitched and is fashioned with a needle that resembles a very small crochet hook which is used to run up and down through the cloth while the cloth is pulled tightly over a large wooden frame called Adda. With one hand the craftsman holds the retaining thread below the fabric. In the other, she holds a hook or a needle with which the artisan picks up the Karchobi embroidery material, then she passes the needle through the fabric.

After days of a hard working worker, the result is an elegant piece of artefact.